Safety concerns and the potential threat from burglars and anti-social elements have raised the requirement for security and surveillance for home and small businesses. Security equipment not only give you protection and peace of mind, they also serve as effective deterrents to potential offenders.

    While we provide path-breaking solutions for enhancing your comfort, we have also developed in sure-fire safeguards to protect you and your property from unforeseen calamities.

    Our security solutions provide comprehensive cover to all facets of your safety needs. Monitor the front door or gate; watch the kids by the swimming pool; or check on the baby napping in the nursery. You can control security cameras and watch what's going on around the house right from your touch panel.

    From a wide range of CCTV systems for disaster warning, to surveillance systems for recording visitor movements, we offer various kinds of equipment, to help monitor and provide advance alerts.

    Our security solution lets you view who's at the main gate when the doorbell rings, through the Web camera. Then within the comforts of your home, you can allow the guest to enter, remotely with a touch of a button. Also, if you're out, your visitors can conveniently leave you a video message, which you can check with your Home Pad or Wall Pad when you return. Our solution includes: Automatic door lock, Home Gateway, Access Point, Home Pad, Wall Pad, video security and voice communications access to your home at the press of a button.

    An impeccable portfolio of security products to address every need - security cameras, motion detectors, door & window contacts, security systems, sirens & sounders, access control, digital voice recorders, sensors, etc.

  • Industrial Automation:

    Optimal solutions for discrete manufacturing operations

    Throughput, quality and cost have always been key drivers for industrial production. But today’s customers are looking for more: Increased machine reliability and availability. The flexibility to manufacture a wider range of products, with minimal changeover time. Greater efficiency with less waste.

    At AJ Tech Industrial Automation, we share these values. We offer the most trusted and innovative brands in .Whatever your line of business, wherever your location in the world, we can speed your time to market with cutting-edge solutions.

    Condition Sensing Devices

    Our Condition Sensing Devices communicate process variable information to automatically sequence equipment or provide a signal to operators for manual operation. Featuring electromechanical and solid-state solutions, our condition sensors can lower your total operating costs by helping to improve processes and systems, reduce downtime, protect expensive equipment and safeguard operators.

    • Flow Switches
    • HVAC Systems
    • Level Sensors
    • Pressure Sensors
    • Speed Sensing Switches
    • Temperature Sensors

    Hazardous Location Switches

    Our Hazardous Location Switches are designed for use in applications such as refineries, distilleries, grain elevators and flour mills where dangerous gases or other materials may be present.

    • 440H Pneumatic Rotacam
    • Guardmaster Explosion-Proof Switches

    Limit Switches

    Our Limit Switches are electro-mechanical devices that consist of an actuator mechanically linked to a set of contacts. When an object comes into contact with the actuator, the device operates the contacts to make or break an electrical connection. Our limit switches work in a variety of applications and environments because of their ruggedness, simple visible operation, easy installation and reliable operation.

    • Compact/Precision Limit Switches
    • Hazardous Location Limit Switches
    • Heavy-Duty Limit Switches
    • IEC Limit Switches

    Presence Sensing Devices

    Our Presence Sensing Devices detect the distance, absence, or presence of an object. We offer a wide range of sensing devices to solve your application needs.

    • Capacitive Proximity Sensors
    • Inductive Proximity Sensors
    • Photoelectric Sensors
    • Presence Sensing Safety Devices

    Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

    Industrial Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) systems track and document products as they move through your manufacturing process. Reusable read and write tags provide flexibility in information and application.